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Përshesh with turkey or chicken

A traditional dish, which is often the centerpiece of a New Year’s Eve meal in Albania, përsheshi is made with minced cornbread soaked in turkey ... see moredrippings. The juice is a blend of flavors that delights all palate tastes, and its secret ingredients include: liver cut into small pieces, onions or leeks, greens, and a variety of spices. The turkey is cooked separately and served with përshesh and melted butter on top.

Vienezi i Beratit

Like cordon bleu, but without ham, “Vienezi i Beratit” is a rolled steak stuffed with roasted cheese and can only be enjoyed in Berat. Ingredients are ... see more simple and include beef or pork, kaçkavall cheese, and eggs. The meat should be pounded until tender. It is then filled with cheese. After being rolled and topped with egg and breadcrumbs, it is fried and served warm. This is food for the soul.


Pispilia is a traditional dish made without meat. It is prepared in all three of Albania’s culinary regions, but Berat’s version is special. The recipe is ... see moreprepared with cornflour and green leafy vegetables — usually spinach, leeks and/or nettles. Some like to add mint for extra flavor. The consistency and thickness of pispili vary depending on the amount of ingredients used. The top is often sprinkled with white cheese.


Mont Blanc, known as MonBlan here, is a meringue dessert that originated in France, but has been transformed over the years into a Berat staple. ... see moreLocals consider it their traditional dessert, and many think the name comes from the white mountain of Tomori. Originally, the dish was brought to the city by a chef. Today, many pastry shops and restaurants serve this classic end-of-the-meal sweet.

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