Berat Carnival
17 Sep 2021 to 21 Nov 2021

After years of prohibition under communism, the tradition of celebrating Carnival in Berat has been revived. Public celebrations, street parties, and other events create a festive atmosphere in the pedestrian zone. The Carnival parade, which features over 350 young people and children dressed in costumes and masks created by them, is the highlight of the show.

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Cherry Festival

The "Cherry Festival" event has been organised for two years in a row. This year took place in the village of Drobonik on May 27, organized by the Directorate of Tourism and Activities. This event, which marked the second edition, was made possible through the support of the Albanian Development Fund and the Directorate of Tourism and Activities of Berat Municipality. The main objective of the festival was to showcase local products and highlight the tourism potential of the area. The event saw the participation of local artisans and producers, as well as performances by children from the local kindergarten and school. Notable guests included the Folkloric Group of Kozare and the renowned folk singer Denisa Gjezo.

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Mangalem‘s Shades

Mangalem's Shades will be an event, a street party to which everyone is invited. Mangalem's Shades will undoubtedly bring people together to enjoy a high-tech show and to experience something different from their daily routine while fantasizing about a colorful life. At the event, a stage will be set up where DJs will perform electro music. The performances will include decorative lighting and laser shows. The projection can be seen from any angle and from any side where Mangalem can be seen.

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National Children's Theater Festival

This annual festival transforms Berat Castle into a stage, where wonderful and talented acting troupes from different Albanian cities perform theatrical pieces. The festival’s jury is composed of well-known figures of Albanian art and the event draws considerable attention and a large audience.

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