Roshnik Festival
8 Sep 2023 to 9 Sep 2023

Roshnik, known for its delicious figs, viticulture and fruit production, welcomes local and foreign tourists to the Roshnik Festival. During this three-day event, in mid-September, lucky attendees can experience the fig-and-grape harvesting process up close during the peak of Berat’s tourism season. Tasting local products, music, dances, and games make this an unforgettable experience for everyone. The region’s farmers believe the development of agribusiness is vital and see the region’s future closely linked to mountain and cultural tourism.

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Friendship Party

On August 8, the now annual "Festival of Friendship" starts. Guest singers, beer, good food and a lot of fun await the city of Berat in these 3 days. The event will be held in the pedestrian area of ​​the city, next to a huge stage set up especially for the party. This event is organized by the local beer company "Elbar" in cooperation with the Municipality of Berat and under the special care of the mayor.

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On June 28 and 29, in the administrative unit of Sinjë, we will conduct the activity with the residents of the area. 👉Popular music with guest singers 🎶🎵 👉Fair with local products 🥧🥖🐥 👉Tours to tourist attractions SINJË CHURCH💒, MUSEUM 🕍 👉Dancers in traditional rural clothing 💃 Event is organized by Municipality of Berat under the special care of the Mayor .

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Cherry Festival

The "Cherry Festival" event has been organised for two years in a row. This year took place in the village of Drobonik on May 27, organized by the Directorate of Tourism and Activities. This event, which marked the second edition, was made possible through the support of the Albanian Development Fund and the Directorate of Tourism and Activities of Berat Municipality. The main objective of the festival was to showcase local products and highlight the tourism potential of the area. The event saw the participation of local artisans and producers, as well as performances by children from the local kindergarten and school. Notable guests included the Folkloric Group of Kozare and the renowned folk singer Denisa Gjezo.

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