Unique Site
The Castle

Berat Castle is a historical monument where civilizations overlap and history finds tangible evidence from antiquity to the end of the Ottoman period. Its foundations date back to IV century BC, and archaeological traces can be found from the Illyrian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman eras. Within the castle, which has an area of almost 10 hectares and a perimeter of 1400 meters, there is a neighborhood of nearly 300 people, making this a rare castle that still has a heartbeat and life since ancient times. 

The architecture of the houses dates from the Ottoman period of XVIII and XIX centuries. As well, there are 12 churches, some of them with elaborate frescoes, and the ruins of two medieval mosques. In its center, on the premises of the cathedral, The Dormition of St. Mary (XVIII century), make sure to find the Onufri National Iconographic Museum.

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